Code of Ethics




  1. Purpose of the service
  2. Fundamental principles
  3. Type of services provided
  4. Our services
  5. Description of services
  6. Information services and cultural events
  7. Rights and obligations
  8. Costs and payment methods
  9. Service quality control and verification tools
  10. Complaints


“Infermiere Express 24h” is a social Business that was born from the need to integrate two aspects of healthcare: a) to cure, that is to restore the state of health, and b) to take care of it, which implies a personal involvement of the operator in being close to, helping and supporting the individual by improving the quality of his life.

By health factor we mean a general well-being, which does not mean only the absence of disease, but a condition of balance of the person with himself and with the surrounding environment, as a result of a set of factors that are the consequence of an entire life path.

For this reason, it is necessary to promote interventions to activate the personal resources of the subjects, reducing the risk factors that can oppose this process and promote a better psycho-physical well-being of the patient.

One of the elements that contributes to the patient’s well-being is certainly the possibility of keeping him/her in his own home, providing a family care service. For this reason, “Infermiere Express 24h” provides home-based services to meet the social demand of patients who ask to be assisted and cared at their home.

In view of this need, ” Infermiere Express 24h ” considered it necessary to start up the Home Care Service as a priority, since it is a welcoming form for patients or people of all ages into a healthcare environment different than hospital, kindergarden, laboratory or ambulance, as it gives them the opportunity to receive the service in their familiar and affectionate environment and preserve their background.

The “Infermiere Express 24h” service also helps elderly patients by protecting their right to live with dignity, not as an object.



The objective of home care is to allow the elderly person to care for themselves and improve their living conditions in their own home, through individualized assistance programs, designed on the basis of material needs but also psycho social, relational and affective, and ensure positive reactions, such as:

  1. Maintain autonomy;
  2. Improve the self-sufficiency degree;
  3. Recover of his psycho-physical possibilities (where possible)

The fundamental principle of choosing our service is: the promotion of the family and the person.

Through domestic service, we want to change the trend of sending a person to hospital, clinic or institute when it is not necessary and according to their actual health conditions.

“Nurses expresso 24h” grasps this social need: to promote the family as a place of real and lasting affections, then to support it through targeted and individualized healthcare programs.

  • PARITY – All individuals have equal dignity and value and must be treated with respect and tolerance;
  • EQUALITY – All users receiving assistance are equal with regard to performance and have equal rights;
  • QUALITY – The services offered must meet quality principles that can be measured through the identification of performance indicators, such as:
  1. Customer satisfaction;
  2. The absence of complaints;
  3. The restoration, improvement of the general condition of the patient;
  4. Evaluation of the service through verification cards.


  • PARTICIPATION – As a commitment to ensure the family the methodologies and information sharing on the assistance provided.
  • IMPARTIALITY – Inspired by criteria of objectivity and justice.
  • EFFICIENCY AND EFFICTIVENESS – The assistance activity must be delivered in a reliable, courteous and responsible manner;
  • CONFIDENTIALITY – Our service guarantees its customers confidentiality with respect to all information that comes to our attention during the provision of the service;

“TOTAL QUALITY”, by applying the “Global Approach” technique,

is aimed at recovering and maintaining the person’s health, including his physical and mental faculties when damaged.

All professional figures operate in the awareness “that the personal relationship with the patient is the qualifying moment of their work”.

The PATIENT is at the centre of the service and action. Our nurses offer the service taking into account the needs and background of the subject.


  • Coordinator – has the role of receiving the notification from the client, recording the data, checking the available nurse, checking the nurse’s arrival time and checking the quality of service;
  • Nurse, physiotherapist – is the person who takes charge of all patient’s needs, completes the detailed data, including the “responsibility” module, informs family members about the conditions and type of service, receives the service fee and informs the coordinator about the fulfilment of the duty (including the length of service in terms of time)




We offer our services at home, in hospital or in the laboratory;

  1. Assistance to the individual;
  2. Nursing care;
  3. physiotherapeutic care;
  4. Home service;
  5. Transportation service for the patient;
  6. Training and updating of personnel;
  7. Organisation of seminars, round tables, pharmaceutical consultancy;




Our service is provided with professional nurses graduated in nursing science and/or qualified hygienic health services.

  • Application of intra-muscular I/M solutions
  • Application of intravenous I/V solutions
  • Care for the elderly ( hygienic care according to the degree of autonomy, diaper change, pressure measurement, glycaemia level, lifting, dressing clothes, feeding, putting in bed, etc.); this service is provided by qualified personnel with several years of experience and it is developed according to a procedure consistent with the individual needs of the person and the family. The service is offered in a different way based on the autonomy of the elderly and is modulated on the basis of the information of the elderly person, his background, habits, home environmental conditions, etc. All the service demanded by the client is part of the Individual Assistance Plan (PAI), which is the document upon which our operator should operate.
  • Treatment of burns, stitches removal.
  • Treatment of post-operative wounds.
  • Removal of sutures.
  • Treatment with decubitus.
  • Wound suture.
  • Positioning of the urinary catheter.
  • Physiotherapeutic service (with professional physiotherapists).
  • Oxygenotherapy offered for rent at daily and/or monthly cost.
  • We offer free pharmaceutical consulting, blood oxygen measurements, blood pressure and diabetes measurements (except for travel costs).
  • The support and the social secretary offer the customer the information, clarification and correct orientation, which are indispensable to solve the case.
  • Listening: it is necessary, for an efficient analysis of the context and to know his background, for the person and/or the elderly person to be involved. The privacy of each story should be preserved and protected through professional confidentiality. For this reason, this service is performed by a professional such as the nurse.
  • The training and updating of personnel, which is executed on a monthly basis through courses in Albania and Italy in advanced hospital facilities, in order to strengthen the quality of our service.



Information on the services is also provided through the following online channels:

  • Website platform: “Infermiere Express 24h” will provide a web platform where the customer can perform specific searches based on personal need, and the system will automatically suggest the nearest available operators as geographical location, indicating costs and other information.
  • App: All “Expressed Nurses 24h” operators will have an App on their smartphone in which, through simple steps, will enter all the information of the service performed. In addition, the operator can have a complete picture of the services provided at any time. An instant messaging system will remember the time and place of the service.
  • App for customers and/or Tutors: Even the relatives of the patient or the patient itself will have an App in which to verify in real time all the operations that will be executed by “Infermiere Express 24h” operators. They will also have the opportunity to evaluate the operators’ work and leave feedback.
  • Social networks: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube.
  • Advertising spots, leaflets, brochures.
  • Family groups: in the case of elderly people with serious degenerative diseases such as ALZHEIMER, available information or services for exchanging experiences that also serve as training elements for family members are available, in order to improve patient’s life quality (if desired by both parties).


  •  The “Infermiere Express 24h” staff must execute their duties taking into account ethical principles and professional competences. These principles are set out in Article 2 of the Service Chart:
  • Guarantee equal treatment by respecting the dignity of the person;
  • Guarantee confidentiality, impartiality and courtesy;
  • Provide the patient with prompt and comprehensive information, in a language that is understandable to patients and/or relatives;

The sevice user must :

  1. Respect the Service Personnel;
  2. Respect or cancel appointments on time, which means at least 24 hours before the booking;
  3. Respect payment terms and conditions.




The service cost is always communicated before the service is provided. The beginning of the service is the confirmation of acceptance of the amount.

Payment methods are the followings:

  • Payment will be made directly to the operator;
  • Or in the “24h Expressed Nurses” office, at the following address: Liqeni i Thate, Via Hamdi Sina, Palazzo Rinia 04, Shk.1, First floor, 1045 Farke, Tirane.




“Infermiere Express 24h” verifies and controls the Service quality provided  via:


  • Periodic surveys on the user satisfaction, by using a verification form to be delivered to families;
  • Analysis of complaints, notifications or recommendations;
  • Verification of the performed work. The service has to be examined on a monthly basis. Operators are required to report to the administration, through a report, on the results obtained or the difficulties encountered during the service.



The handling of complaints belongs exclusively to the Chief of “Infermiere Express 24h”.

The customer can make a complaint by:

  • Writing to the address “Expressed Nurse 24h” Liqeni i Thate, Via Hamdi Sina, Palazzo Rinia 04, Scala.1, First Floor, 1045 Farke, Tirane.
  • Verbally and in person, upon previous appointment with the Chief, who will verify and, if necessary, take corrective measures to the misservice.
  • Via phone to the administration:
  • Landline: +35542404961
  • Mobile: +355 692094432 ; +355692030470;

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